American Drug Testing Consortium

      Affordable Random Drug And Alcohol Testing Programs

How will you or your business satisfy the tough federal drug and alcohol testing laws?

You don't have to - we will manage it all for you. This consortium is a program for anyone needing to comply with state or federal random drug and alcohol test regulations or any company imposed requirements,  economically and efficiently.

This is the perfect random drug and alcohol testing program if you are an independent CDL operator with your own FMCSA authority from DOT, a USCG licensed captain with or without a crew, an FAA licensed pilot or mechanic, a PHMSA company, a manufacturer, or a business owner that has employees and requires random drug and alcohol testing. It also meets the needs for Non-DOT testing. The program meets the requirements for all random drug testing, Coast Guard drug testing, trucker CDL drug testing or any other drug testing service needs. We have over 3700 drug test collection sites throughout the USA, so there is always one nearby

Whether you have a one-person business or a company with 10 or more employees, with our consortium you will be in full federal compliance  - quickly and easily and, at the lowest possible cost, $60/person/year for membership. A random drug test costs $65 and a random alcohol test costs $45. There are no other hidden costs or charges. You may pay by check, credit or debit card. Your information is secure.

Our program also includes your required Policy and Procedures Format and Supervisor Training Manual for free.  

And, with your enrollment in our consortium, your membership can go with you anywhere you go. So, if you change companies or take a part time position you don't have to take a new drug test. Your Certificate of Enrollment from us ensures that you are fully compliant with federal drug testing laws.  In most cases, it is also a tax deductible business expense.

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What is a drug and alcohol testing consortium?                             

A consortium is simply an association of independent businesses that belong to it for a common purpose. In this case, the purpose is to provide a random drug and alcohol testing structure. This consortium serves as your "Third Party Administrator (TPA)" for the members - between the government and you or your company. 

You will have a full-service drug & alcohol testing plan that will give you peace of mind and make this part of your business worry free. Our simplified procedure is ideal for anyone who is subject to random drug testing. We are a professional organization with over 25 years of experience.  

Our program includes all required drug test occasions:  Pre-employment,  Random, Post Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Return to Duty, and  Follow  Up.  

What happens when I apply to join this program?

When we receive your application, the Federal Custody & Control Form will be sent to you for you to take your required pre-employment urine drug test. That is the form needed to authorize the test. Even though you have probably been in your occupation for a long time, the government requires all new members of a random drug testing program to take a pre-employment drug test if they have not had one in the past six months. An initial alcohol test is not needed. Two days after you take the test we will receive the results electronically. You will then be issued your Certificate of Enrollment and membership card. At that point you are in full compliance with government regulations regarding drug and alcohol random testing. If you have had a drug test within the past six months, you do not need to take a new pre-employment drug test. Just send us a copy of the Results Page (the one signed by a Medical Review Officer, [MRO]) with your application and you will be enrolled immediately.

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To download a blank PDF application form   << Click This Link

Our drug and alcohol testing consortium is recognized by these federal agencies and meets all current CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) requirements.
Department of Transportation
Department of Homeland Security (U.S. Coast Guard)
Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration                                                  Federal Aviation Administration                                              

  • Why are we different from our competitors?          
  • We:
    • make the process easy for you to be in full compliance with the law.
    • tell you - on line - what your cost will be and don't make you call   us for a price to talk you into using our program. Of course, we are happy to speak to you and answer any questions you may have.
    • will not ask you to buy insurance or other add-on items designed to generate more expenses for you.
    • are straightforward with you. No razzel dazzel. No flashing pictures, just the honest information you are looking for.

    When you join American Drug Testing Consortium, here is what you can expect from us: 

    • Free Policies and Procedures Format.                                          Other companies charge a lot extra for this.
    • Free Supervisor Training Manual.                                                Other companies charge a lot extra for this.
    • No hidden fees or charges.
    • Membership meets all annual licensing requirements & regulations
    • Full compliance with the random drug and alcohol test laws.
    • Thousands of local drug testing sites conveniently located throughout the United States
    • Free membership stickers for your truck, vessel or office 
    • Free annual reports
    • Free proof of membership letter
    • Membership wallet card
    • You may drop out at any time for any reason without penalty

    We have been in business for over 25 years and are a
    BBB Accredited Business with an A+ Rating


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    How the Consortium Works

    To easily accommodate regulations, in 1991 we developed a random drug and alcohol testing consortium that any person may join. Once enrolled, at any time during the year, a person may be randomly selected from the entire group for testing (urine sample). If selected, the member must not refuse to comply. The drug test will cost $65, an alcohol test will cost $45; there are no other hidden fees or charges.   (Post accident tests will be charged at the prevailing local rate.)   A computer chooses the person's social security number and test date, names are not used. Any member of the consortium may expect to be selected for testing once per year, although, it is possible that one may not be selected for two or more years. It is also possible that a member could be selected more than once per year since the process is random.  If you are selected, but have not tested by the date shown on your letter, we are required to report that as a refusal to test. However, unlike some companies, we will make every attempt to connect with you before reporting it.

    Collection Sites

    We have over 3700 collection sites all over the country. The link at the left is only a guide to some of the sites. If you don't see a location near you, just check with us. We are probably able to authorize a local hospital or doctor to perform collections.

    Money Back Guarantee

    You are offered a full refund of your membership fee if requested within 30 days of your application date. If for any reason you decide our program is not for you, just call or email us. No questions asked. This, of course, does not apply to the pre-employment drug test fee, if you took one. 

    So, if our program sounds good to you, just click     

    To submit an application form online << Click This Link

    To download a blank PDF application form   << Click This Link

    If you use drugs, DO NOT 
    join this  consortium.
     You will be caught!  

    We are a U.S. Navy & U. S. Coast Guard veteran owned company.


    American Drug Testing Consortium                                              
    6279 Main Street
    Trumbull, CT 06611

    Phone & Fax 800-528-9075
    Email: and

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